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Hostname for IPV6 Tunnel Address

Started by bpilettejr, March 21, 2018, 09:40:26 AM

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I am currently running a private network with Windows 7 boxes using Exede (Viasat) as an ISP. Since they do not support IPV6 I am using an IPV6 HE Tunnel to my Asus AC3200 Router. They are currently providing an unbridgeable modem/router so I cannot use DDNS since I am double natted but fortunately the endpoint IPV4 address seems pretty static and does not change much so I manually change the Tunnel when needed. My main question though is my ISP is now providing a hostname with the endpoint address and I am wondering if I can configure DNS.HE.NET records to provide hostnames on my IPV6 addresses from the tunnel also without paying for a Registered Domain. I have attempted to configure DNS.HE.Net with my tunnel but I am still getting Hostname: none on my IPV6 address when testing with ipv6-test.com. 

Any help is appreciated.


The IPv6 addresses on the tunnel itself do have names set up by HE.  HE controls the reverse zone - the names are static.
The IPv6 addresses on the routed subnet(s) do not have names.  You may set up the reverse zones for the routed space via HE's DNS portal.

As far as what names to set the routed reverse zones to point at is defined by you.  I do not believe that there is any naming structure that HE accepts here, and without your own domain name(s), you are out of luck.

However, I do note that there are a few DNS hosting services out there that allow dynamic names and such, and they work by users setting up sub-zones and/or host names under their domains.  These will not be under DNS.HE.NET's control.

The following is not an endorsement of any service:
Check out "afraid.org" (shared subdomains) and "no-ip.org" (free dynamic DNS for 3 host names) as examples of solutions that may work for you (or possibly not).  There may be other similar services....

Alternatively, I note that the registration for a domain name (under some TLDs) may still be less than $10.00/year at some discount registrars.  A domain name is preferred if you intend to receive e-mail.


Thanks, I'll look into that. Not planning on receiving email at the domain name, just trying to cover all the bases since IPV6-Test says some internet protocols require reverse DNS records. I probably do not use them though and I am finding out that only some of my IPV4 ISP's addresses have hostnames now (Exede/Viasat, who also does not support IPV6 at all for me right now [not sure if their new Viasat 2 satellite will support them but it seems that they are having a hard time getting it going]) ) so I am not sure sometimes if I should ignore the situation altogether. Also, any security concerns with having a name/domain name/hostname?