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BGP with Tunnel Broker

Started by CiscoFanboy, August 03, 2018, 01:29:00 PM

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Hello HE Forums,

I have 2 internet connections, one with Cox and one with CenturyLink, and I am curious if I can set up a single /48 from Hurricane Electric and run BGP with HE over 2 tunnels with a private AS number. My AS number is 64512 for my house and 65535 for the lab rack in LasVegas.Net.


Trevor Janssen


Nope. BGP tunnels are only for networks that have their own ASN & PI allocation from a RIR.


Darn, that is a bummer for me. I wanted to save Hurricane Electric's address space so that I don't have 2 tunnels with their own /48. Is there a way to have just a single /48 with 2 tunnels? Maybe static routes on Hurricane Electric's end?


Not an option at this time, nor planned.


So I guess my only option is to configure a single router behind my two edge routers?


...or at your single edge router with two different public IPv4 addresses.