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UPDATE - February 27th, 2008

Started by broquea, February 27, 2008, 02:08:56 PM

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You've been asking for it, so here it is: /48 allocations are available for tunnel broker users.

By default we still allocate a /64 for the tunnel's point-to-point, as well as the routed /64.
Users who desire a /48 allocation must log in and click the "Allocate /48" button.

Right now rDNS delegation is still being worked on, but once completed it will function the same way for the /64.
I'll update once that has been completed.

As usual, if you encounter any issues or problems, please do not hesitate to email ipv6@he.net right away. Because this is a new feature the quicker we can get email about a problem, the faster we can work on resolving it.

ps. Also the "Rebuild Tunnel" button is back after some bugfixes. If you notice any odd problems with your tunnel, you can have our system rebuild our side. If you continue to have problems, make sure to email us directly at ipv6@he.net