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Professional test problem

Started by thekrugers, November 23, 2019, 11:25:21 PM

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I'm a bit confused as to how this is even possible. My Professional level test is stuck on an error message Unable to find MX for domain right after the Administrator level test found the MX for the domain and sent an email to the domain.

I've even reset and started the tests over with a lower level domain after being stuck with this problem for a couple of days, I was doing the cert on a subdomain and moved it up to the main domain.

Now sure, I would expect the Professional level test to fail with something like RDNS does not match or something similar for a couple of hours because the old PTR RR has a TTL of 24 hours, but to be stuck on Unable to find MX for domain right after the Administrator test managed to find the MX and send mail via it seems a bit strange.



The domain is andykruger.co.za. I believe the checks done for the test are a mx, aaaa and -x dig, so I did some myself:

andy@ubuntu-srv:~$ dig mx andykruger.co.za +short
10 mail6.andykruger.co.za.
20 mail4.andykruger.co.za.
andy@ubuntu-srv:~$ dig aaaa mail6.andykruger.co.za +short
andy@ubuntu-srv:~$ dig -x 2001:470:1f23:fd:215:5dff:fe07:724 +short

I just tried the test again and it still says it can't find the MX for the domain. Since the domain doesn't carry any important email (it only has one address, the one I used for the Admin test), I've just deleted the MX RR referring to mail4, so now it only has an IPv6 MX server. I'll give it an hour or so and try the test button again.


I'm just going to me-too this post. I am having the same exact issue - could this be at the application level?

ansible:~ # dig mx engyak.net +short
1 mx.engyak.net.
ansible:~ # dig aaaa mx.engyak.net +short
ansible:~ # dig +short -x 2001:470:e8a3:e060::100


thekrugers, is your MX server part of your /48 or /64?


Hmmmm... Actually, it's part of a different /64 (also a tunnelbroker.net one, but on a different account). I might install a small mail server on my own /64 and reset/redo the certification again to see if that fixes it.

I have logged a ticket with HE support, but no reply on that yet.


Isn't the test to see if you can run a mail server?  Therefore, it probably has to be in your netblock.


Retried on both my /64 and /48 (allocated by HE.net).

Reset to explorer, made it back to Administrator without any issues...so mail transfer is working...

Still getting "unable to find MX for domain," which is odd, because my postfix server is receiving emails from he.net without any issues.

Whatever it is, it's failing quickly. I guess we'll wait and see on our respective support tickets...


This should be fixed.  If you still see the error, you may need to reset down to Explorer level by visiting https://ipv6.he.net/certification/reset_explorer.php.


I can confirm it's now fixed - thekrugers, you will probably need to reset to explorer as well - it wouldn't take without it for me.