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Using own DNS Servers with HE-Tunnel

Started by Walter H., November 28, 2020, 12:51:49 PM

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Walter H.


just a simple question; when I'm using my own DNS servers with the tunnel,
I can enter a maximum of 5 DNS servers, ok;

with the tunnel I have a routed /64 prefix and another /64 prefix where only ::1 and ::2 are used - the tunnel itself;

when I do  "whois tunnel-prefix::1" there are also shown my DNS servers, can I follow, that
I can override the default DNS names e.g. tunnel123456.tunnel.tserv1.fra1.ipv6.he.net (the ::1) and tunnel123456-pt.tunnel.tserv1.fra1.ipv6.he.net (the ::2)?

Thanks in advance,
Walter H.

p.s. till now I only defined the rDNS zone of the routed prefix, not noted that also tunnel prefix shows my DNS servers;


You don't have DNS control of the tunnel /64, you do with the routed /64. So no, you cannot change the DNS for $TUNNEL::1 and $TUNNEL::2.


Do you really need to use the Client IPv6 Address of the tunnel if you don't want to? Can't you request a routed /48, and use an address (/128) from an unused /64 instead, in case you want to assign your own rDNS name?

In case the Client IPv6 Address needs to be reachable I guess you could assign it to the loopback interface.


No.  The $tunnel::2 address has to remain pingable from the $tunnel::1 address for the tunnel to remain up.  However, for preferred IPv6 address selection, see "if addrlabel" if using a Unix type OS.