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What can I use this for, how much is to much?

Started by circlenet, March 21, 2021, 05:05:09 AM

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We've been playing around with IPv6 deployments and we've deployed HE.NET tunnels before.
Our current providers IPv6 is somewhere between non-existant and terrible.

If we put an HE.NET tunnel into production it would move about 10 or 12 TB a month. Would this be ok. I don't want to abuse an awesome free service.


The nodes are shared resources, so if any one person starts monopolizing the capacity, they soon won't be. If this is for commercial use, you might want a commercial tunnel, which isn't run on the tunnelbroker.net infrastructure.


Totally fair policy and I figured as much :-).


I wouldn't rely on a promise-free service for commercial projects.

What if HE decides to end this service? What if there are outages? I remember cases from the last year where servers went down and took weeks to be replaced, much to the anger of some people that thought it's a good idea to use this service for their customers.

So, for commercial products, you want some guaranteed uptime.