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More devices on one tunnel without router

Started by mrkcdl, April 15, 2021, 07:50:59 AM

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I would like to ask if it is possible to connect multiple endpoints (in one local network with the same public IP) to one IPv6 tunnel without the use of a router, assigning a different IP to each one.

Thank you for your answers.


No, you need a router...how else would traffic get routed between your network and HE?


Do you do this with IPv4? No of course not unless your ISP handed you a flat connection with a /29 or greater on your WAN connection. You have some sort of NAT appliance/router. There is still routing. You need something on your LAN to act as that IPv6 gateway/router for all the other hosts. This isn't a flat network, its a ptp tunnel.


It is worth noting that almost ANY computer can be a router.  Usually, you just have to turn it on. 

With Linux, it is trivial, and I could help you there.  Other Unixes are also usually trivial.  I'm not sure about "windows", and some versions of it may be deliberately crippled.

Edit: Of course, the computer that you need to be a router is the one you have your tunnel endpoint on.


virtual boxes and bridged virtual interfaces may be the answer. being my messy self i simpley create virtual boxes whenever i need an appliance.