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DoorDash Vs Hurricane Electric?

Started by JoeHz, May 18, 2021, 02:40:01 PM

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As best guestimate, as of a week ago, DoorDash started giving me a "Your account/IP has been blocked, please contact support." message.

Their support has been singularly unhelpful about trying to resolve this (apparently closing the ticket without investigation). So I experimented.

Long story short is: I can log in to them on a cellular connection, so the problem is specific to my connection IP.

So I disabled my Tunnel. Lo and Behold, they let me log in the way I was before. I have no idea why they'd care about the end user being on a VPN or Tunnel. It's not like they are Netflix.

Anyone else experiencing this or would a new Tunnel that WOULD NOT BE Ashburn VA let me through?

What would be my options here?


Just confirming the same problem on the two Ashburn tunnels I use. Apparently, the block only works on the sign-in page. Once you're in, you can turn your tunnel back on.


What did Doordash say when you contacted them about your src IP being blocked?