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what are expected/typical NOTIFY -> completed AXFR times for HE.net 2nd-ary?

Started by pghe, June 06, 2021, 06:36:50 AM

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I'm trialing HE.net for 2nd-ary service.

I send a NOTIFY from my primary to 'ns1.he.net'.

It's ACK'd , but the actual pull + propagation of axfr is taking upwards of 1.5 hours -- recently as long as 4+ hours.

Once it occurs, all's good.

That sort of a dealy is not a workable solution here.
Updates at other providers are much quicker -- ~ 5-15 mins, if that.

What are the typical/in-practice update times @ HE.net once a NOTIFY is issued?


Note that HE does not pull secondary zones using ns1.he.net.  "slave.dns.he.net" is the only host that needs AXFR permission.  Notifies do go to ns1, but it doesn't need AXFR permission.  Not everyone gets that correctly set the first try.