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Unifi Dream Machine Pro

Started by Rickspdx, September 16, 2021, 12:22:09 PM

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I am trying to setup ipv6 tunnel with UDMP?  Cant seem to quite get it working, anyone try it with the UDMP?  Care to share the settings?




Hello there,
I was doing this on my UDM, i dont have UDMP.

ssh to your udm

ip tunnel
ip tunnel add he-ipv6 mode sit remote HEIP4 local YOUR_WAN_IP4 ttl 255
ip link set he-ipv6 up
ip addr add HE_CLINET_IP6::2/64 dev he-ipv6
ip route add ::/0 dev he-ipv6
ip -f inet6 addr

add IPV6 into your LAN , where your lan is

ip addr add  IPV6_CLIENT_IP6_PREFIX::1/64 dev br111    -> as in, i am adding IP6 addr on vlan111 on my udm.

If you have clients in vlan 111, just configure static ipv6 to the above adress as GW, and make your own static IP.

If you want to use SLAAC, configure the network settings in UDM on that particular lan via gui website.

You can use the /48 from HE, to add to more lans.


/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_INPUT_GEOIP_PRECHK 1 -i he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_IN_GEOIP
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_INPUT_USER_HOOK 1 -i he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_WAN_LOCAL_USER
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FWD_IN_GEOIP_PRECHK 1 -i he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_IN_GEOIP
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FWD_OUT_GEOIP_PRECHK -o he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_OUT_GEOIP
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FORWARD_IN_USER 1 -i he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_WAN_IN_USER
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FORWARD_IN_USER 1 -i he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_WAN_PF_IN_USER
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FORWARD_OUT_USER 1 -o he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_WAN_OUT_USER
/usr/sbin/ip6tables -I UBIOS_FORWARD_OUT_USER 1 -o he-ipv6 -j UBIOS_WAN_PF_OUT_USER

If you will not add that, the part you are doing in GUI for firewall ipv6, will not work as it does not process that ipv6 tunnel device

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