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How to get advanced DNS settings for a country domain?

Started by AndVal, May 10, 2022, 12:49:11 PM

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Hello all!

I have a domain name that ends with .gr (Greece).
I need to edit the DNS records, but the domain provider doesn't offer this option.
They told me to use https://dns.he.net/, but I haven't done this before and I don't know much about zone management, etc.

From what I've figured out:

1. I add a new domain under zone functions
2. I update my domain provider's nameservers to ns1.he.net up to ns5.he.net

Are any additional steps or the new domain settings are OK and I can edit DNS records?



Can someone give me some help with this issue, please?


1) Classically, it may take a day or two for the update of your DNS delegation to take.

2) There may be issues getting delegation to take properly, as both sides can require the other side be working first.  (I think HE.org does, and has a magic cookie to override the check.  if .gr does too, then see point 6.)

3) You can check the delegation from .gr using host/dig/nslookup, and whois.

4) If the delegation is in place, any DNS records you've added to the zone should be visible on the net.

5) If you tell us the domain name (and the name of added records), we can look at it, and may be able to tell you what went wrong.

6) You can also try contacting he.net's help desk, but you should probably do that after you've exhausted other help.


Thanks for the reply.

The site is landsurveyilia.gr

After some research, I read that I must also add an A and a CNAME record.

I added the A record and the system automatically inserted the CNAME record! (name:www.landsurveyilia.gr, hostname:landsurveyilia.com)

The site works, but not if I add the www.landsurveyilia.gr

Will the www. work after sometime, or should I edit some settings?


Well, the CNAME is working... it is just pointing at a non-existant domain.

www.landsurveyilia.gr.  3600    IN      CNAME   landsurveyilia.com.

That should be landsurveyilia.gr.

Personally, I dislike the modern barbarism of considering the domain to be a website.  I would rather see people directed to the www.... form.  This allows for reasonably using other forms as well.  So you could add (instead of the CNAME):

www.landsurveyilia.gr.  3600    IN      A


QuotePersonally, I dislike the modern barbarism of considering the domain to be a website.
I don't like it either.  That's why I program my web server to send an HTTP redirection response to the preferred URL, except for "/robots.txt" and robot-read XML site maps which don't need it.  Omitting the "www" hostname is just laziness, just like writing hexadecimal numbers and addresses with lower case alphabetics.  Whoever put %x into the C language printf function should be drawn, quartered, and shot.  Always use %X instead.


Crap... I didn't notice the .com  :-[

Thanks a lot for the help.