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Will HE continue their free tunnel service for ever?

Started by AndrewButterworth, November 18, 2022, 12:40:32 AM

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1st off, I'd like to thank HE for providing their free IPv6 tunnel service and free DNS services.  It's helped me immensely.
I've had an IPv6 tunnel and a /48 prefix for several years and have built a network using the /48.  If I was to lose this, it would take a while to unpick what I have built and deploy a new IPv6 network and would cause considerable downtime for me.
Is HE likely to continue their free tunnel service for ever?



I don't know about forever, but there are still ISPs that don't offer native IPv6, so certainly for a while, like in years.


I have been using he.net for IPv6 since its inception.  I noticed that Cox in VA was responding to Prefix Delegation requests, and tried using their native IPv6.  It works.  Sort of.  Prefix routing times out after 10 mins (despite a 24hr lease) and I have to keep restarting the PD process every 10 mins in a loop.  This would be workable, except there is an annoying pause in service at each timeout.

All this to say I have been "pestering" our ISP as requested by he.net, but on my last calls about the above issue, I was still informed "We do not support IPv6".  Sigh.

So I hope it is ok to move everything back to he.net IPs for another couple years (decades?).  I told the Cox rep that IPv4 has been officially obsolete for 20+ years.  The US Federal govt has issued an order to phase out all IP4 in Federal offices by 2025.  (again)