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Setting up Tunnelbroker on Netgear R6260 Nighthawk Router

Started by PatrickDickey, April 28, 2023, 03:23:24 PM

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I'm curious if anyone has gotten this to work. I could have sworn that I had it working at one point, but it isn't now. I don't have an option for "6in4" but I do have an option for "6 to 4" tunnels. Would that be the option that I need to use? Currently, I have it set up as a 6rd Tunnel. If this won't work, I'll have to see if I can flash it with OpenWRT, but I don't think it's an option either.
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My version number is V1.1.0.88_1.0.1


I'll add this as an update. When I do ipconfig /all and check my router, the IPv6 address listed is assigned to my ISP. However, they are not providing us with IPv6 addresses yet. So, now my question is how do I switch it to my IPv6 tunnel instead of the one that Tunnelbroker is giving them? I don't want to have to go through another IPv6 provider, if I can avoid it. And I don't want to go through the hassle of installing OpenWRT and reconfiguring my entire network, if I can avoid that as well.

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You must use 6in4 (RFC 4213) not 6rd (RFC 5569).

So, if you router doesn't support 6in4 you must change router or try to flash OpenWRT.


Netgear has broken IPv6.  They have no 6in4 and the 6to4 doesn't work properly in that it limits the 6to4 /48 to a single /64 within that range.  I tried a wifi6 model (i.e. current) and its still broken.  My wife has an older model from about 8 years ago, and it has the same problems.  Firmware updates do not fix this issue.  I have not tried its other IPv6 modes (6rd, pass-through, etc.).

Before I upgraded to 1Gb fiber, I used a D-Link DIR-615, and it handled both encapsulations correctly.  However, its Ethernet WAN port maxes out at 100Mb in speed, so I don't use it anymore.  I considered and rejected the trade off of limiting myself to 10% of my bandwidth to preserve working IPv6.  I needed the higher bandwidth for some of my IPv4-only devices such as TVs.

Too late for you but for others:  If you want working IPv6, do not buy Netgear devices.  I tried the wifi6 model hoping they fixed it and was disappointed.