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IPv6 DNS Glue

Started by chaz6, July 11, 2009, 10:59:35 AM

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After going around in circles with my registrar Gandi, I was finally able to get IPv6 glue for my domain set up, no thanks to them. I was able to register glue records with another registrar (thanks to Ardya) and I was then able to apply them to my domain (chaz6.com).

I would implore you to write or send an email to VeriSign (maintainer of com, net and edu) and ask that they consider requiring registrars to support the registration of IPv6 glue records. I had a response back saying that they have no plans to do so, but with enough support they might change their mind. VeriSign can be reached at info@verisign-grs.com.


This was one of the reasons why I changed registrars for my domains in the past year.  Although the losing registrar (GoDaddy, which has other issues) did support IPv6 glue for some TLDs, it didn't support glue for all the TLDs under which I had domains.

GKG.net supports IPv6 glue even for domains in TLDs where that feature isn't available yet (e.g. ".NAME").  I suspect that once the feature is turned on at the main registry, the IPv6 glue record that I have with the registrar will be automatically posted.


Chaz6: you're  welcome :)

snarked: I too had to move my NS domain from an ipv6-challenged registrar to Joker to get ipv6 glue.

I will be writing netsol, and the aforementioned ipv6-challenged registrar to express my thoughts on the issue.