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issue with Enthusiast certification test

Started by iwa, August 28, 2009, 02:05:20 AM

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I've set up a ipv6 only apache webserver at ww6.iwanet.ro.
At a traceroute I get this:
core1.fmt1.he.net> traceroute ipv6 2001:470:1f0b:30a::2

Type Control-c to abort
Tracing the route to IPv6 node  from 1 to 30 hops

  1     3 ms   <1 ms   <1 ms 10gigabitethernet1-1.core1.pao1.he.net [2001:470:0:2e::2]
  2    21 ms   10 ms   14 ms 10gigabitethernet1-1.core1.lax1.he.net [2001:470:0:34::2]
  3    70 ms   75 ms   77 ms 10gigabitethernet4-3.core1.nyc4.he.net [2001:470:0:10e::2]
  4   147 ms  150 ms  150 ms 10gigabitethernet1-2.core1.lon1.he.net [2001:470:0:3e::2]
  5   149 ms  150 ms  150 ms 10gigabitethernet1-1.core1.ams1.he.net [2001:470:0:3f::2]
  6   154 ms  166 ms  156 ms 10gigabitethernet1-1.core1.fra1.he.net [2001:470:0:47::2]
  7   169 ms  159 ms  167 ms 1g-bge0.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net [2001:470:0:69::2]
  8   295 ms  284 ms  292 ms iwa-1-pt.tunnel.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net [2001:470:1f0a:30a::2]
  9   304 ms  297 ms  300 ms ipv6.iwanet.ro [2001:470:1f0b:30a::2]

If I access the webpage provided by the sistem for testing everything is ok, but when I try to pass the test I get: "Could not grab the file via IPv6 HTTP ". The webpage is: http://ww6.iwanet.ro/zvxj3rzccq.txt

Ca n you please try to see if you can reach this page, or give me a hint on why it is not working ?



The file doesn't appear to be there, or if it is, it's empty.  When I wget the file or go to it in the web browser, it returns a zero length file or a blank page.


Yes not knowing what to put in it I left iot empty. now I've put the code in it, so when you open it you should see: "zvxj3rzccq".
Unfortunatly the certification page replyes the same thing.


Hrm.  I can see it.  I don't remember what's supposed to be in the file, if anything.  I just looked at mine which was sitting there still, and I just had "<h1>Hello World</h1>" in it.  I think I just renamed a test file I had created when I was setting up mini_httpd for the test to the filename HE specified.  I can' remember though since it was a while ago I did that test.

Not sure why it's not working for you.  You may need to send an email to ipv6@he.net to see if they can help you.


The test system uses a caching nameserver, which had a negative cache entry for the AAAA record for your domain.  I've restarted it, and it's reporting the current AAAA value, so you should be able to do this test at this time.


I have also received you1re e-mail.
thank you for the help.


I'm having the same issue at http://kc0frr.broker.freenet6.net/nbpqij7f5b.txt anybody want to make sure it's working for me?  I have accessed it from other machines and it pulls up for me.  Let me know.