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RDNS setup

Started by b1izzard, December 11, 2009, 07:44:31 AM

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Normally to setup RDNS, I call Verizon or Comcast or whoever and request a RDNS.  Since I have Comcast and they don't have IPv6 yet (I called), what is the normally process for doing this?  Do I need to setup a live DNS server and create an RDNS zone?  Any information on how this normally functions would be very helpful.  Thanks.


correct.  you need to set up a dns server, configure both forward and reverse lookups, and then enter that address in the tunnel setup webpage


Question about changing nameservers at Godaddy.  Is it correct to assume that the nameserver must be

A.  Online for queries
B.  Must have the zone for the domain that you are changing the nameservers for?

I'm just curious what level of validity checking they perform.  Thanks.



Quote from: cholzhauer on December 11, 2009, 11:30:22 AM
correct.  you need to set up a dns server, configure both forward and reverse lookups, and then enter that address in the tunnel setup webpage
The server you set up actually doesn't have to do forward lookups for your existing domain, or any forward domain really.

RDNS for your HE supplied IPv6 addresses are a completely different domain controlled by HE.  They have the whole "" RDNS domain delegated to them, since they own 2001:470::/32.  They in turn delegate subdomains of that ip6.arpa for each /64 and/or /48 they assign to each user to the name servers each user specifies.

So all you have to do is stand up a DNS server which has the ip6.arpa for your network space as a zone and point HE to it via the web page.  The name server doesn't even have to be in the same domain as your forward domain.  It can be a completely separate deal.  It just has to answer queries for your ip6.arpa subdomain which HE has delegated to it.

Of course, if he decided delegate the RDNS to a name server in his existing domain and add an IPv6 to one of his existing name servers, or add a new IPv6 speaking name server in the domain, he would then have to change his existing forward domain stuff and add whatever is needed.  Looks like he has godaddy's servers doing DNS for "everettcoffee.com".  AFAIK godaddy does allow you to add AAAA records, but I don't think their own name servers actually do IPv6 themselves, if that's a requirement (neither ns25 or ns26.domaincontrol.com [godaddy's servers delegated for "everettcoffee.com"] have AAAA records).


I opened port 53 for my DNS server, added the reverse zone, and it failed to work.  I ran nslookup on the server remotely and could see it was correct.  I noticed a post that someone from HE said it takes up to 6 hours, but within 30 minutes it was live and it is working good.  Thanks for the help everyone!