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Vote for IPv6 in Youtube

Started by fenrisulf, January 14, 2010, 03:16:47 PM

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Google is soliciting ideas for improving YouTube, why not vote for IPv6 support?  Imagine how much v6 content traffic that could generate!

http://productideas.appspot.com/#9/e=3d60a&t=ipv6 (authorative from google's nameservers so it seems legit)

I hope the thought of supporting YouTube traffic doesn't scare HE and other tunnel providers too much ;)


According to some Google people on the NANOG list, they're slowly but surely working on bringing IPv6 to google.  So it's something that's going to happen regardless.


static images for youtube are already served over ipv6. its the streaming/caching stuff that needs to get finalized before moving over (my personal guesstimate based on hostname lookups, etc.)


The video streaming is v6-enabled too for 'viewers' on networks signed up to the Google-over-IPv6 programme. This looks like a recent change, and I'm sure one that will spin the v6 traffic stats up a bit!  :)



Yeah.  The streaming of video over IPv6 just started a few days ago.  EDIT: Or maybe it was just yesterday?