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A map of IPv6 Internet

Started by zhaojichang, April 16, 2008, 04:21:21 AM

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our lab took research in IPv6 topology discovery and accumulated some data.the data is free for research and the home page is :http://ipv6.nlsde.buaa.edu.cn.

And now we have a problem ,that is we still don't find a better way to varify our results.Any suggestion is appreciated!!! ::)


This is very cool!

To verify the AS topology map, if you had a larger version with node names you could manually verify some of the adjacencies using the Oregon Route Views Project, RIPE's RIS, and various BGP looking glasses.


Thank u ;).Get some info from RIS may be some way!


Too bad one can't click on the graphs and see larger versions.


OH,you can click the text behind the picture to get the larger version. And I will add the link to the small picture too.


RE:  Graphs - better.

Maybe you could do something with the U. of Washington when they expand their "hubble" IP blackhole project to include IPv6.   http://hubble.cs.washington.edu/


It's amazing , especially the way they display their results. GoogleMap is a better way! :D