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Tunnel Working, now what?

Started by udha, January 07, 2010, 11:27:58 PM

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I have followed the instructions a while ago and got a tunnel working on my computer at home. I'm also testing this for work, and have done the same with another tunnel there too.

Now I would like to get the rest of the test machines at home and at work online with IPv6 addresses, but don't know where to start.

I assume I leave the /64 tunnel endpoint on the first machine to open the tunnel, but how can I then route our even IPv6 autoconfigure the rest of the machines to connect too, or do they need to use addresses from the /48 subnet?

Thanks in advance,



When you first signed up for your account, you received two allocations...one is a routed /64 and the other is the client/server /64.  The client/server allocation is essentially useless to you; you need to assign addresses out of that routed /64.  If you need more than one network/subnet, you will need to request a /48 and assign /64's out of that allocation to your clients.

To do the assigning, you can do Router Advertisement (RA) or DHCPv6.  RA is easier to set up..you can use Radvd on most any *nix or BSD setup, and many routers will also assign them for you.

Post back if you need any clarification.