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Started by broquea, April 17, 2008, 02:53:04 AM

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Quote from: DOMBlogger on September 08, 2011, 07:14:08 PM
I deleted my tunnel as my current router seems to mangle the tunnel packets, it only works if I put my laptop directly behind the Cable Modem
Unfortunately the type of tunnel HE uses doesn't really work behind NAT. Some nats will work in some scenarios but it's not a setup I can reccomend. IMO you should either get a router that can terminate the tunnel on the router or get a tunnel provider that can be used from behind NAT (I use freenet6 myself)

QuoteAlso, due to the way Apache works, individual SSL certs for hosted domains with name based virtual hosting is problematic.
It's not apache that is the problem, it's the design of SSL itself. They eventually added an extension called SNI to support name based virtual hosting but a significant proportion of web users still don't support it.

Still I expect SNI support to be ubiquitous within a few years. Pretty much the only significant browsers that don't support it are internet explorer on windows XP and the default browser on old versions of andriod. I expect both to fade away from the public internet over the next few years as consumers replace their hardware and corps either move away from a version that no longer gets security updates or at least stop using the shipped browser for general web browsing to reduce their exposure.

On the other hand I have serious doubts about ubiquitous IPv6 any time soon. In particular I discovered that windows7 will disable teredo support by default if it sees a domain controller on the local network (and apparently it thinks one of my linux boxes is a domain controller). So I expect clients on corporate networks to remain v4 only for a LONG time.

Zane Reick

I'm actually building my own company and want to provide all sorts of technology services, and in order to do that I need to be dual stack enabled (I am, but my ISP, Century Link, is not). So I built out my first tunnel, got it fully working, then completed the IPv6 certification program, and now I am building out Mobile IPv6 routers that can drop onto any network, update their tunnel end-point, and connect to the IPv6 network with their own firewall! I'll have 4 of these and they will be pretty handy for building out our initial POPs!

Thank you HE team for building this amazing tool, and the IPv6 certification program! It has really helped kick-start the back-end mess of Unknown Technology Solutions!

As always, if anyone has any questions, I'd love to answer them, so feel free to ask me however!
-- Zane Reick
Unknown Technology Solutions
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