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Comcast starting IPv6 trials

Started by jimb, January 27, 2010, 03:29:09 PM

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Comcast posted a message to NANOG today announcing IPv6 trials for customers.

QuoteToday we are announcing our 2010 IPv6 trial plans.  For more information
please visit the following web site:


We have also made available a partial, dual-stack version of our portal
which can be found at:


Please do not hesitate to contact me via email with any questions, comments,
or clarifications.

If you feel that others will find this information interesting feel free to
forward this message.



John Jason Brzozowski
Comcast Cable
e) mailto:john_brzozowski@cable.comcast.com
o) 609-377-6594
m) 484-962-0060

The first URL takes you to a page where you can link and sign up for the trial.


I got an update today from Comcast:

QuoteAn Important Message From Comcast

Dear Comcast Customer,

Thank you for volunteering to participate in Comcast's IPv6 trials! I wanted to provide you with a quick update on what our next steps are and when you can expect to hear from us again.

As you know, we have four trials described at http://www.comcast6.net. We're in detailed planning on the first three: 6RD, plus native dual-stack for residential and for commercial customers. We expect each of these to start sometime within the next 90 days or so.

6RD Trial:
We anticipate having customers from around our network, not limited to any specific areas, participate. We will start the trial on a very small scale and then progressively increase the number of participants. We plan to ship a new home gateway device to each trial participant.

Residential Native Dual-Stack Trial:
This trial will be limited to a few areas in our network. We are in the midst of determining precisely what those areas will be, based on where we have volunteers and where the infrastructure will be ready. If trial participants do not have an IPv6-capable home gateway and cable modem, one will be provided.

Commercial Native Dual-Stack Trial:
This trial will be limited to a few areas in our network. We have tentatively identified these trial areas and will soon be in touch with potential trial users.

Within approximately the next 30 days we will begin to contact some of our volunteers regarding each of these trials, so expect to hear from us soon.

Thanks again for your interest!

Jason Livingood
Internet Systems Engineering


Yeah I got the same message.  6RD (which is 6to4 as implemented by an ISP or other organization using their own IPv4/IPv6 space) should be interesting.  I wonder if they're still going to do the DS-Lite trial they mentioned on their web site?  I don't think that's planned for a while, which is probably why it's not mentioned in this message.

Interestingly, I'm not a comcast internet customer.  I wonder if they'll still send me a cable modem?  :P


6RD and dual-stack should be possible with reasonably off-the-shelf gear, but DS Lite needs new CPE and LSN development.  It's possible that they're still working on it.

Since DS Lite is comcast's final long-term solution I'm sure they will trial it at some point.


Got a trial login today.  Invites were sent to 5,900 volunteers.

EDIT: The initial survey had options for not being a comcast customer, so you might still be eligible in that case.


Definitely fill out that first survey, it asks for your modem's MAC (assuming you are their customer already).


Heh I got the email too, but I'm not a CC internet customer, so not doubt they'll let me do it LOL.  Who knows though.