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Can I go from "Explorer" to "Enthusiast" w/o paying to register a domain??

Started by fonestar, April 14, 2010, 12:38:45 AM

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It appears that to go from Explorer Cert to Enthusiast you need a FQDN is that right?  Why can we just not do a HTTP get on say http://[2001:470:b:225:21f:11ff:fe4b:4eef]  ??

Dyndns only appears to offer ipv6 services to customers who have paid for domains as do the competition.  Any ideas?  I would prefer not to have to register a domain right now, though I will probably use it in the future anyways. My understanding is afraid.org only provides dns resolution for your ipv6 domains but not free hosting?  With a few quadrillion ip's and subnets to spare I was somewhat surprised to find hosting is just as expensive on ipv6.

Any ideas?  Alternatives?


Well, hosting expenses aren't about IP addresses necessarily.  Although with IPv4 scarcity in the future, it will become more of a factor.

I suggest using afraid or whatever for your domain name, and just running a web server on your IPv6 space for the tests.  Point your afraid domain there.

I did it by simply adding a subdomain for ipv6 for it and setting up all the servers and such for the test on my routed /48.


Okay, well this is just my point.  I can't tell afraid.org or anyone else to point their nameservers at domains I don't actually own!  Which is why, I suppose they want a FQDN (though I don't understand why ipv6 address isn't good enough).

It appears you can't go from Explorer to Enthusiast without paying for a domain name.  If I have this wrong or there are any caveats please let me know!


Oh.  I presumed you could get a subdom from afraid or something.  Like no-ip or something.


You can use the IPv6 address, however that is as far as you will progress. Every test afterwards requires a FQDN, which is why we recommend using one at Enthusiast level.

Also, aren't like co.cc domains free?


No you cannot use just IP address, I tried:


Invalid or not allowed - Please enter a different FQDN!

Also, this is not clear at all.  My host is running ipv6 and it still says it cannot grab file via ipv6.  Here is my test apache server:


I realize nslookup just shows it as being an ipv4 host but when I input the full ipv6 ::/128 into a browser I see my test server.  I don't get it what's the deal?  Why does the test require a FQDN or Nameserver at all?


Sorry, just checked with the other person working on certs and using IPs should be invalid.

Have you read the overview of the cert program? That would pretty much sum up why you should be using a FQDN.

Please understand that the point of the certification program is for users to demonstrate their working knowledge of configuring services (web, mail, dns, etc) for IPv6, which includes creating proper DNS records both forward and reverse. Your first step is adding a AAAA record for fonestar.co.cc and point it to the IPv6 address hosting the site/content. We don't spoon-feed answers or walk you through passing the tests, especially since EVERYTHING needed to pass can be researched online, at no cost other than your time.


Okay, that's fair enough.  I understand what the point is (setup an ipv6 domain with proper dns).  What I don't understand is why there's nothing like dyndns free to do it.  I'm not lazy, it's just all my cards are maxed out!


If you haven't figured out a solution yet, just register a .info with godaddy.  Cost like $1.07 after taxes and fees for a year.  All in all pretty painless.