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Started by jimb, May 15, 2010, 05:38:26 PM

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Too bad all the info is on the "back."  Maybe people who need constant reminders will wear it backwards!


Quote from: snarked on May 19, 2010, 12:43:52 PM
Too bad all the info is on the "back."  Maybe people who need constant reminders will wear it backwards!

The back is fine.  This way all the people who are getting left behind can read up on how to catch up.  ;D


yeah.   maybe sometime later they'll let us buy new ones if we need one and maybe personalize the shirt where it has say your username, level, and maybe IPv6 address. only problem with IPv6 address is someone would know where to DDoS.......scratch the IPv6 address then...


I've always preferred T-shirts where the front is just a little badge or something and the back has all the artwork and whatnot.  I don't like the front of the shirt being too "busy".  Makes you feel like a billboard or something.  :)


very true. I never thought of that.


Now you can be a backboard!


I'm fine with artwork on the front if it's kind of small and tasteful.  I just don't like it to be huge and crass and glaring ... think ... the typical NASCAR fan shirt.   :P


sometimes small artwork leads to looking on the back and getting an eye popping design that'll just blow their minds  :P ;D


Further thoughts:  A dark color shirt would be nice too, if the design isn't already set.  I've always thought they looked sharper and a bit different from the standard-fare white printed Ts.


not to mention that darker would make any stain less visible...maybe they could give options of shirt color sometime in the future....


We generally make white or black T-shirts. I just happened to have a white one.


ah ok. so what color is the writing on  the black shirt? im just curious right now


Quote from: jimb on May 18, 2010, 02:03:54 PM
Nice.  Net-geekiest shirt ever I think.  :)

awesome  ;D


Should include intl. shipping. Took a new tally today for the person pushing the order through, as of 4:14pm Pacific. 688 validated shipping addresses, up from 641 on June 11th. Still about 500 sages that haven't validated their shipping address. There will be a later batch, maybe mid or end of July. We'll see what numbers look like then. Shirts are being ordered this week, and hopefully sent out by the vendor next week or so, or really lucky and this week.



IPV6 certification is very interesting and useful, thank you for it  :D

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