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Why won't Dlink DIR-825 accept HE tunnel IPv6 addresses?

Started by sota767, June 27, 2010, 09:56:22 AM

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Does anyone have any guesses why my new Dlink DIR-825 rev B router (running the 2.03NA firmware) would be refusing to accept my HE tunnel IPv6 address details?

In the attached screenshot if I clear the /64 suffix I get the error "Illegal IPv6 Address" from the router. And if I try padding out the missing 000's (2001:470:1f10:20e:000:1) I get the same "Illegal IPv6 Address" message.


Try 2001:0470:1f10:020e:0000:0001 instead.
Are you using the latest firmware?
By the way, OpenWrt ( www.openwrt.org ) also supports the DIR-825.

I have been playing around doing this with openwrt last week.
Maybe I could write a howto next week.


Yes, 2.03NA is the latest official firmware from Dlink.


Quote from: claas on June 27, 2010, 11:00:14 AM
Try 2001:0470:1f10:020e:0000:0001 instead.

Need more zeroes, more like 2001:0470:1f10:020e:0000:0000:0000:0001

Also that LAN /64 isn't supposed to be the same as your ptp, use the routed /64 as seen on your tunnel's details.


I found I was able to correctly setup the tunnel after I had the router restore its factory default settings. There must have been some bad config settings that caused the problem when I updated from the 2.02->2.03 firmware. I switched the LAN IP to the routed /64 address (I found checking the DHCP-PD thing worked too) and the tunnel came right up.

Thanks for the speedy responses and ideas, I was about to throw this thing out the window. :)



You really should start your own topic.

However... are you allowing incoming traffic? I'm pretty sure HE needs to be able to ping your side of the tunnel over v4 and v6