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Cisco RV320

Started by kwintin, October 03, 2013, 02:10:10 PM

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I know the Cisco RV series have already been discussed here, but it seems the RV320 has a rather different managing interface and I'm totally unable to find similarities that would help me set up a 6to4 tunnel working with HE.
Has anyone out there been successful in this matter?

Thanks for you advice!


Me too... recently bought a Cisco RV320 and i'm still unable to make it working with an ipv6 tunnel. I tried both sixxs.net and hurricane tunnels, but with no success. Anyone can help here?

Thank a lot.


On the latest firmware I think the necessary stuff can be found at Setup -> Network, click the IPv6 tab

WAN Connection Type: IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnel
Local IPv4 Address: Client IPv4 Address
Local IPv6 Address: Client IPv6 Address
Remote IPv4 Address: Server IPv4 Address
Remote IPv6 Address: Server IPv6 Address

I left out the DNS Servers as I operate my own

LAN IPv6 Address: Routed /64
Prefix Length: 64

and this seems to do this for me - I can ping Google's IPv6 address from the RV320. :)