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Error creating a tunnel

Started by Gorovoro, October 15, 2010, 05:46:18 AM

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I can't explain the "unknown" but as for the slow loading times, is your tunnel up?  If your computer thinks it has IPv6, it will try and load the site via Ipv6.  However, if your tunnel is down, the IPv6 connection will need to time out before the IPv4 connection is tried.


I think every time i reset the router My Nat IP keeps changing! and that ruins the ipv6 everytime what can i do about that?


Makes perfect sense.

Either set a static address on your computer or create a DHCP reservation on your router.


You should be able to update your tunnel endpoint from your "Tunnel Details" page @ http://www.tunnelbroker.net/. The link is to the right of "Client IPv4 address.


@ Allen

That won't work because it's his private NAT address that's changing, not his public one.  (At least that's the way I read it)


You mean i should set my DHCP like this:
Start IP Address =  End IP Address
that way it can't change?


You may need to replace your integrated NAT/router. Please tell us which address(es) is/are changing. IPv4 private addresses are either,, or


You reset your router! Okay. Every time you reset your router you can expect to need to change to settings on all the machines connected to it.


most routers give you an option to set a dhcp reservation so that a certain network adapter receives the same ip address everytime.  what model do you have?


Quotewhat model do you have?
It's a dlink 2650u


I didn't find anything that says dhcp reservation..

If you look at the lan page you'll see what i meant with the start and end ip's it's set
My nat ip moves so far


Take a look at this


Worst case, you can always adjust the DHCP scope to fewer addresses and give yourself a static address that's in the same subnet ,but outside the DHCP scope


Quote from: Gorovoro on October 20, 2010, 05:07:08 PM
Can someone tell me why my Node Type is UNKNOWN and why does it take 5 min's to load this site?

Node type is only for NetBIOS, you can safely ignore it unless you have problems with local name resolution.  If it bothers you, can set it manually to 0x8 (hybrid) which should use DNS first, and then fall back to windows-specific resolution.