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Started by kcannon, November 17, 2010, 10:13:09 AM

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can i use the gogo6 client and tunnel broker to access the he cert tests? i am behind a nat router.



Shouldn't be a problem, only need working IPv6 connectivity.


Well I set up my account and configured the client for NAT tunneling. I can't seem to connect to their server. Keep getting the too busy message. My plan is to connect to their server then go to the he cert page and click the link to prove i have native ipv6 connectivity. Am I on the right path?


That would be the right path, just need that connectivity working through them I guess. Might want to hit up their support or their gogonet site and see if anything is going on there.


I changed to using a static ipv6 address through the freenet6 service and I connected as an authenticated user. I am now up to the Enthusiast stage. I used gogo6 to create a home web site that I can resolve using nslookup so I know it is there but I get the "Could not grab the file via IPv6 HTTP" message. I have a file with my code name inside a web folder on the server but he can't grab it.

Any suggestions?


I'm wondering if the problem is that I am at work and the domain administrator has this place locked up tight so no HTTP is going to come in here even if I open the port on my particular computer.


That would do it...you would need to allow traffic to port 80


It be difficult to block port 80 in a tunnel at the network level.  But I guess if he has some kind of policy installed on your system, maybe he has the windows firewall blocking 80?  May wanna check that and see if u can override it.  Might have to take your machine out of the domain or something though.