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NAT64 and ecdysis

Started by kriteknetworks, November 24, 2010, 09:14:59 AM

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Anyone using ecdysis for NAT64? I started using it a week ago, and have had hard lockups on the routing machine when a client machine initiates traffic. Anyone else using this experience this as well, or other anomalous behaviour, syslog warnings etc?


Haven't tried it.  Wonder if it's in gentoo portage yet.


Nothing in the FreeBSD ports


These guys have no plans for porting the code to FreeBSD, AFAIK.

I modified an OpenBSD kernel using their patch and most things were functioning, i.e. TCP and UDP.
However, ICMPv6 was broken. "traceroute6" listed nothing. Not sure whether it was an error in my configuration or the code really had serious bugs.

Wish they could release the userspace tun(4)-based translation program so it would be easier to debug and test and it might be possible to run the userspace version on FreeBSD, too.