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IPv6 capable phones

Started by broquea, January 07, 2010, 03:57:33 PM

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I had my Ipod Touch connected via wifi to my home network able to access IPv6 websites. The network settings does not show the IPv6 address, however sbsettings (on jailbroken devices) does.

It's not a phone, but it does confirm that the Iphone does have IPv6 support built in and enabled now.


More info on that Moimstone IP215:

Need IPv4 on it in order to do DNS lookups, doesn't support IPv6 nameserver addresses.
Must set SIP to UDP not TCP.

Otherwise I have it working with FreeSwitch PBX, and able to register, take/make calls, and join conferences all over IPv6, with IPv4 only used for that initial DNS lookup of the SIP registration host.


HTC TyTn II, Windows Mobile 6, Opera Mobile/Opera Mini/PIE, using wifi and pfSense router.
(Dutch cellphone providers aren't doing anything with IPv6 as far as I know, and there is online one ISP offering IPv6 connections...)

ipv6.he.net works ;D, but v6.testmyipv6.com and ipv6.google.com not, "could not locate remote server".
Both can be successfully ping6'ed on pfSense's console through Putty.

Never mind, thought it worked, still seeing my IPv4 address...


Since iOS 4.2.1 the iPad is also able to use IPv6, even if it's not a "phone".
I guess then also the iPod Touch, as well as the iPhones are able to use it.


iPod's and iPhones have had v6 since 4.0 IIRC


In iPhones works fine  ;)

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