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Bandwidth available over IPv6 tunnel?

Started by lobotiger, December 13, 2010, 10:25:42 AM

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Hey everyone.  I'm curious if there is known bandwidth limitation that the HE tunnels have in order to prevent abuse?  For example, if I have a 10Mbps internet connection, how much of that 10Mbps would I be able to route over the tunnel?  Is the answer the same if I have a 50M or 100M connection?

Just curious.




Ahh thanks.  Good to know.  I might have to post a new thread about potential issues with youtube traffic but I'll see if it's something from my end first.  FWIW, the videos seem to load up to maybe a quarter of the way and then it stops downloading.  Skipping throughout the video will load more of the video but then it stops again.  Hopefully it's something from youtube's side with regards to the ipv6 network.



Well, there is a limit, just not imposed on the tunnels. If the tunnel-servers appraoch capacity, we can bond more ports to make more available. We haven't had to do that yet.