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New tunnel to Amsterdam ?

Started by ricrjhl, January 15, 2011, 02:48:33 PM

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When i want to create a tunnel the system says i should use the server in Amsterdam (closest to me). However in the options i have for selecting a server Amsterdam is not available.

Is this normal, Amsterdam maybe not taking any more tunnels ? Have now chosen London to get my tunnel from.



I looked over the load and traffic levels for the tserv in AMS, and have upped the number of tunnels on it. You should be able to create one there now.


Deleted my Londen tunnel and am now running over Amsterdam.
Thanx for both making it possible and the quick response.




I hope we won't run out of /48s on tserv11.ams.


I'm getting the same issue, but the other way round.  I'm being recommended London, but there's no option to select London.  Should I just use one of the others?

Thanks, Ian.




Looks Frankfurt also hit its limits.


Maybe HE has to consider additional tunnelbroker capacity now IPv4 IANA space has run out. IPv6 is getting more and more popular every day, and I think we need to support those who don't have a native connection yet.


Quote from: broquea on February 01, 2011, 01:50:27 PM
bumped up London

Would it be possible to bump up the number of tunnels in Frankfurt as well. I have the same issue with Frankfurt Richard and Ian had with their recommended POPs.

Thanks a lot!



i have the same problem when i try to create a new tunnel system shows

We recommend you use:     Frankfurt, DE [ ]

but in the available servers frankfurt is not available.



While it might be recommended, if not available, please use one that is.


What is wrong with Frankfurt? I also try change from Amstrdam to something closer. I live in Slovenia.

P.S. Is any plan to have PoP in Slovenia? I know god wish?


Amsterdam is again full. As a temporary fix for the tunnel exhaustion I started using my two /48s I got on AMS to provide IPv6 connectivity to friends and family (I'm some kind of Tunnelbroker too  :P ).

Frankly speaking, IPv6 tunnel and /48 exhaustion is exactly not what we need right now since the global IP4 pool ran out.