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Ability to measure traffic?

Started by cholzhauer, March 02, 2011, 06:52:17 AM

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It might be kind of neat to be able to look at how much traffic you're sucking down the tunnel

I'm sure this could be done client side as well, but what if there were a way to look at bandwidth usage on your tunnel on the HE site?

I assume that information already exists in HE on routers or something, so it'd just be a matter of displaying it to the end user. 


Client side:  For those unix-type systems that can run IP[6]tables, that's easy.  Just set up rules as counters (input, output, and forward).   One will have a count of the number of packets and number of bytes transferred.


I have my HE tunnel endpoint set up on a Cisco router, and I'm pulling statistics off the router's tunnel interface using MRTG.  That's giving me a good graph of IPv6 traffic.

I don't know of any way this could be done in a user-accessible way on the HE side, though.


It has come up as a suggestion previously, and been considered. At this time, no plans to do it since users can generally graph their side or look at their interface counters as well.