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ipv6 NAT-PT and cisco supported platforms question

Started by amirisi, March 20, 2011, 02:55:39 AM

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Hi All,

do anybody knows if the cisco 18xx series or 28xx series can preform NAT-PT ?

if so what kind of IOS/license do i need?

thank you for your help,

Best Regards,



Nat-PT was first supported in version 12.2(13)T.  

IF you do a search for Cisco 2821 NAT-PT PDF, there will be a nice PDF file explaining NAT-PT.

roughtly the 4th item down in the list.


Does Cisco support the DNS piece as well, or do you need to handle that on your own?

Without the DNS mapping, either onboard or via a seperate box, NATPT and NAT64 are virtually useless.



To: maestroevolution
BIND support DNS64 already
and some commercial product does support work as DNS64 appliance.
But i didn't see any routing platform support DNS64 feature.

I have test with a commercial DNS64 product with some open-source NAT64 and also Juniper's NAT64 and its work fine.

But I didn't test on Cisco yet

BTW, NAT-PT should be going to replace by NAT64.


Bind supports DNS64 natively?  I thought this was only possible through that patch...  that project with the funny e... name  (Sorry, no coffee yet this morning).

I will research this; thanks for the tip.