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Cannot log into tunnelbroker.net over IPv6

Started by danderson42, March 27, 2011, 07:45:16 PM

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Hi all,

I've just set up an HE tunnel. First of all, thanks for this fantastic service!

However, now that my LAN is all happily set up with radvd handing out addresses and routes to my machines, it seems that I cannot log into tunnelbroker.net when my browser is set to connect over ipv6.

Looking at a traffic dump, the requests and responses over v4 and v6 are identical (minus the IP headers, obviously), but over v6, after the login handler 302s me back to /, the site doesn't see me as logged in. The same transaction over v4 ends with me happily logged in.

Is this a known issue? Have I missed a page that explains why this is? It's mildly aggravating in the sense that I can't go through the v6 certification or even look up my tunnel info without first tearing down v6 on my network.

I'm hitting tunnelbroker.net from addresses in 2001:470:1f05:1b77::/64 over ipv6, and from over ipv4.


Is this when logging into ipv6.he.net, or tunnelbroker.net specifically?  What browser are you using on which OS?  There's no difference in the session/login management code between v4 and v6, but there is between the two sites, and sessions for one don't apply to the other (different domain names == need for different cookies).