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Tunnel through a PAT to server with public IP that is connected to HE

Started by voidy, May 13, 2011, 07:01:16 AM

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Hi guys,

I am trying to tunnel from my work machine which is behind a PAT, and doesn't pass protocol 41, through to a server I have, which is connected to the hurricane electric IPv6 network using the normal recommended method (with iproute2).  I've been trying to set up a tunnel with SSH and assign IPv6 addresses to either end of the tunnel, and I can see ping traffic going across the tunnel, but I don't seem to actually get the replies through.  I've been led to believe that using SSH is a bad way of doing things anyway, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the best way for me to tunnel IPv6 from my machine to this server,

Thanks for any help.  I'm asking in a general sense really, not just to be spoon fed commands, but if anyone is interested in my configuration, I'll be more than willing to provide more information.



Need more info about your network.

Are you using ssh -w or something?  You can't use that to connect to HE, but you can use that to connect IPv6 networks with the tun interfaces it provides (on *nix).