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ipv6 firewall questions

Started by Mangix, August 17, 2011, 10:50:09 PM

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i am currently using dd-wrt to set up a 6to4 tunnel(tracerouting gives me he.net routers!) and am wondering since dd-wrt does not include ip6tables, does that mean the windows firewall is my only defense against incoming traffic?

If so, will setting up a 6in4 tunnel using tunnelbroker.net on windows 7 also offer me protection using windows 7's firewall?

i ask because i want to reflash the build i use on my router to a dd-wrt build that supports openvpn(which does not include ipv6 support).


Yes, the newest windows firewall has support for IPv6 traffic, although you have to used the advanced firewall settings under the Control Panel to access it


What build of dd-wrt are you using, you can always add ip6tables if not included in your build.

As to openvpn and ipv6??  You mean the build you want to use of dd-wrt does not have ipv6 if it has openvpn, or that openvpn does not have ipv6 support??


the former. my e1000 only has 4mb of ram so it's a choice of ipv6 on the router or openvpn on the router. openvpn's sounding like a better choice since i can always set up ipv6 connectivity on each computer manually(except on an xp machine i have).

anyways, good to know that windows 7's firewall supports ipv6 even in a tunnnel. grc.com's shieldsup! show me a perfect score even when dmz'd :)


Or run openvpn on a box inside your router, so that you can have the tunnel on your gateway and ipv6 firewall at the gateway as well.  Or get a router that has some more ram so you can do the things you want to do with it ;)