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A suggestion for a free or payed if you want service...

Started by vfikov, October 08, 2011, 06:44:23 PM

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Hi guys,
I'd like to suggest a private BGP router for HE's clients who do not have their own ASN.

The idea is every client that has tunnel service can apply for an BGP session with the private router witch will just maintain the BGP sessions of the rest of BGP routers that have requested the service and then re-advertise them from SixXs's ASN.
This way everyone will get dynamic routing and not static and I think that it will be a great base for testing other protocols and their behavior with IPv6 through а HE tunnel and get the best advertisement for hes assigned subnet and focus on testing and implementing IPv6 in other network service, server or client software.

Let me know if you like my suggestion. If you want I can help with more ideas for the service realization and implementation.
8)  ;)

Valeri Fikov
CTO at Fikov™ & Co.®


Sorry, what does SixXs have to do with this again?
How much are you willing to pay?
We already have a paid service for private ASN, for colo and transit customers that don't have their own.