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Buy more ipv6 sage shirts?

Started by houkouonchi, April 04, 2012, 06:48:55 AM

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I love the shirt design and quality but I find it is getting a little warn out here and there as I pretty much wear it every laundry cycle. I was wondering if it was possible or you guys could make it possible for people who are already sages to order more shirts (and pay for them)?

Anyone else who would like to do this?



indeed, considering I never got mine :(



I'd like the option to purchase additional shirts as well.


Nick B.

Tunnelling with [Open|Net|Free]BSD and IOS.
IPv6 courtesy of   HE and   Sixxs.



While I appreciate the HE ones are gratis, I did go to the trouble of ensuring my address details were correct but I've not seen one after six months.

If anyone from HE reads this and feels kind enough to send me one(another?) I'd be happy to supply a US drop address  ;D
Nick B.

Tunnelling with [Open|Net|Free]BSD and IOS.
IPv6 courtesy of   HE and   Sixxs.


+1, I wear mine proudly pretty much every wash cycle as well.  Not going to last much longer..  Gladly pay for a replacement.



+1 for me as well. Been a lurker but would like to see a shirt too!


I agree to this request. It would be nice to be able to buy some replacement T-shirts.

The one I've got is quite washed out, and because it's white, it is prone to many "domestic failures",
like making pasta sauce and forgetting to protect the t-shirt.. ;)


Glad to see soo many others are of the same opinion. What do you HE? I need to buy like 3 or for sage shirts. Mine is seriously getting warn out..


Adding another reply here - my Sage shirt is showing its wear these days.....

Would love to be able to buy more.....

Jim Whitby

Mine has shrunk ( or I've gotten bigger! ), really need a larger shirt.