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tunnel with the SmartRG SR505N

Started by pbelair4348, August 28, 2015, 04:52:30 PM

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I rent a my modem from my ISP (Primus). I've connect my tunnel using FreeBSD but would rather set up my modem. I've tried different configurations with some success.

The modem has a configuration for ipv6inipv4 like this.()
IPv4 Mask Length            24
6rd Prefix                         2001:470:xxxx::/48
Border Relay Address
And another configuration page for Ethernet config Lan ipv6 Autoconfig

Static LAN IPv6 Address Configuration
Interface Address (prefix length is required):    2001:470:xx:xxx::2/64
IPv6 LAN Applications
                             Enabled DHCPv6 Server  yes
                                  Enabled Stateless           yes
                                  Enabled RADVD              yes
The router hands out ipv6 address but when using:
Routed 2001:470:xx:xxx::/64 the modem doesn't hand out ipv6 addresses
Is there any other configurations I should do? routing maybe?  Because there's no auto ipv6 connection yet.


That top section mentions 6rd.

6rd != 6in4



HE is giving you a 6in4 tunnel, not 6rd.