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Any chance for DS-Lite users to establish a tunnel?

Started by holgermarzen, December 08, 2019, 07:23:31 AM

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More and more providers offer DS-Lite only since they run out auf ipv4 addresses. With such a connection I have native ipv6 but no fixed prefix that's needed for running a private server (dyndns is more a problem than a solution).

So there is some demand (e.g. by me :) ) to run tunnels from a DS-Lite connection. Unfortunately by now tunnels need a pingable ipv4 adress.

Is there any solution planned or is there a workaround besides getting an ipv4 tunnel with a fixed address anywhere?


No plans for 6in6 tunnels or getting rid of ICMP check. The goal is native IPv6. If the native IPv6 you get isn't what you want, ideally you can shop around or see if they have pricing on static options.


You could rent a vserver and create a tunnel to it yourself (VPN) and distribute that prefix in your local LAN.


My workaround: I was able to book a public ip address for a small monthly fee.