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Tunnel issues today

Started by lespinasse, July 10, 2021, 03:13:57 AM

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My IPv6 tunnel usualy has great performance, but today it is severely degraded to the point of being almost unusable - unusual latency of about 60ms (normally about 5ms), and 30% to 40% packet loss.

Looking into it, it seems that the IPv4 packets are bottlenecking somewhere on HE's network, as they try to go from my router (on att's network) to the tunnel endpoint ( aka fmt2)

The last hop I can reach with good performance is 10ge4-4.core1.sjc1.he.net ; the next hop 100ge13-2.core4.fmt2.he.net is getting lag and packet loss.

Just reporting the issue; thanks again for the amazing service! :) it's in those times where it's failing me that I realize how much I've come to depend on it...


I saw the same today.  About five hours of packet loss starting at 00:04 PDT to about 05:08 PDT.  Seems to be working fine now.