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Providing DNSSEC ? aka pushing other technologies.

Started by Hannemaf, April 22, 2009, 09:00:15 PM

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I guess this whole fun certificate could also be used to push other technologies, such as DNSSEC, so why not adding this to the list of things to get points for?

cu Hannemaf



It doesn't right, so does Apache, Postfix or even Bind ;-)

Even getting a ping result from a IPv6 server isn't that hard.

I was thinking about DNSSEC to spread it in the wild a bit more. If you check out the Sage (end even users with lower certificates) most of them are doing everything to get more points. So why not using this obsession for points into something useful?

I mean what does the net need? More peers for P2P networks? Maybe, but there are to many legal risks connected with it. So some people might prefer not to set up one.
TOR exit nodes? Definitely, but that is the same problem as with P2P peers. So what else could be pushed to let the community benefit?
Maybe Public uncensored DNS servers, but that would create high traffic load (and so it will cost a lot of money for some). In addition the individual won't profit from that.

So back to DNSSEC. If it could be used to get more points there would be a group of more than 100 (depending on for which rank that would be relevant) people who could use it. And therefore a little push for this technology.
It could be also an additional "submit a DNSSEC ready DNS server request every week" or so.... but that would be more than I had in mind.


Re: "Pushing DNSSEC":  I think you should be talking to ISC, not HE, about this.

1)  The ISC's DLV
2)  The IANA's "Signed-root experiment."