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No more new BGP tunnels from HE for private use, known alternatives?

Started by codebreaker2015, June 04, 2020, 02:19:02 PM

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i found out that HE has stopped allowing new BGP tunnels.
They now request 500$/month for such a tunnel.

As a private systemadministrator, just running my own AS and PI Space for my owncloud and mailserver at home and some education, this is nothing i can pay.

Does anybody know about other tunnel providers with a BGP peering, so i can extend my ASN again with a second upstream?

under https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_von_IPv6-Tunnelbrokern there are no more active tunnelbrokers with BGP sessions listed.




check out

This is what I use.


I tried 4ixp. The documentation was confusing and incomplete, but I eventually managed to peer with their route server. That only gave me ~20 prefixes, though; it sent me to https://www.as60474.net/ (present on 4ixp) for transit. I set up a peering against them, but the BGP session just kept on resetting the connection immediately after hello. The email told me to send email to support@as60474.net, which does not exist (the email itself comes from noreply@as60474.net). Eventually I found a different address on the page, and sent the same email there. No reply, but suddenly, after a few days, the peering went up.

However, this was worse than nothing, as all traffic was blackholed; it went from 60474's server to the IXP, back again and from there into the void. So anything not using Happy Eyeballs was just broken.  took down the session. I hope HE will get the Frankfurt node working again, because that was my only connection and even existing BGP users cannot add more tunnels :-)


In the US a newer option that has come along is Core Transit.  They offer static route tunnels as well as BGP-enabled tunnels.

L2TP and GRE options from what I've seen.  They will also do BGP sessions without advertisements so if you want to consume a full routing table to experiment in a lab they can do that as well which I thought was interesting.