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IPv6 problem in winXP

Started by diamondfeather, September 03, 2008, 04:39:11 AM

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i have an isolated network of 3 computers using winXP SP3 connected to a switch. All the 3 computers are IPv6 enabled and pinging with IPv6 address. Now i want 2 things to do:
1) I want to use the remote desktop feature (within my network) using IPv6. How can i do it?
2) I want to make a tunnel from my network to any other PC connected to the internet. I do not have access to my university router. How can i do it plz help? :-\


I know this post is from waay back, but I just started browsing the forums here.  As for your Remote Desktop question: ipv6 is currently unsupported, so you're out of luck. 

Did you happen to ask if your university had ipv6 access in your area?  I know lots of universities run dual stack these days, so you may get lucky if you just ask OIT.  If you have a NAT ip and do not have access to the router, then I believe you are out of luck.

Sorry for the bad new :/


TightVNC appears to support IPv6:  http://jungla.dit.upm.es/~acosta/paginas/vncIPv6.html

Not sure about the other VNC implementations. 

As for IPv6 tunnels, etc, you really have to figure out what the firewall allows.  If they allow SSH in, you could probably establish a remote desktop via the various SSH tunnels.  If the firewall allows IP proto 41 out, you could establish a 6in4 tunnel to your remote box.  You could also use SSH to have a remote box listen and relay into your inside box.  (You can get full openSSH server/client via Cygwin on windows)

You could also try Teredo if things are really ugly with the firewalls involved.  Also lots of other tunneling methods out there.  It really depends on the firewall situation.  :P


By the way.  It turns out that IPv6 is supported for MS Remote Desktop Client.  I just RDPed to a win7 box from an XP box using an IPv6 address.  I haven't tried it yet with an XP box as a target, but I presume it works with that also.

 Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
 TCP    [2001:db8:beef::8a]:3389  [2001:db8:beef::70]:1509  ESTABLISHED