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Multi-way certification

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Anything on how much it costs? Didn't really see it specified. Just that you submit a form in order to use the Education Logo on your site...

A pet/back-burner project of mine is using interactive on-line classware and develop something more robust. Takes time.

I came across that site the other day and I thought it said they weren't taking any new signups

I certainly like the idea of an advanced testing program.  I have used GNS3 for lab and simulations.  I did setup BGP with MPLS with IPv6.  So long as you have a machine that will support running the virtual routers.  That may be a good way to get the tests done and prove competence and understanding of the material.  Cheers to HE for using particle testing instead of a bunch of "paper tests". 

Hi friends. need a lil more info abt this multi certifications..,


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