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Tunnel to my block was a piece of cake.. (Mac content)

Started by atavar, March 12, 2010, 11:14:41 PM

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I looked all around at different routers to use, trying to figure out which would be the best dd-wrt router to buy, when I remembered I had a Mac Airport Extreme laying around..  

The first thing I did was go create a routing tunnel to HE and plug those numbers in to the Airport..  it worked perfectly the first time.  I connect IPv4 with a persistent PPPoE address, and entered the info from the tunnel page into the IPv6 section on the Airport, and it just worked.  

Well, then I figured, I have another tunnel at work terminating a BGP tunnel on a Cisco 7609 routing our own /32 so I figured I would waste some hours getting that set up.  All I did was to create an IPv4 loopback, set up a tunnel interface using that as a tunnel source and using my PPPoE address as a destination, the remote (Cisco end) Ipv6 address 2610:188:x:1::1/64 ,the local (Airport end) IPv6 address 2610:188:x:1::2/64, and I put 2610:188:x+1:1::2/64 on the LAN.

The cisco config looks like:

Interface Loopback 2
ip address 66.231.z.z
interface Tunnel2
description IPv6 Tunnel to Home
no ip address
ipv6 address 2610:188:x:1::1/64
tunnel source 66.231.y.y
tunnel destination 216.196.z.z
tunnel mode ipv6ip
ipv6 route 2610:188:x+1:1::/64 2610:188:x:1::2

Everything worked first time out, so I had like 20 minutes invested, and that includes time waiting for the IGP's to propogate.  XP, Vista and OSX all autoconfigured with no help from me other than enabling IPv6 on the XP box.  Some appropriate firewalling and I am off and running.

Thanks again Hurricane!  You guys really made things easy to get a dual stack network at home!  Feel free to move this if there is a more appropriate area.

BTW, if you ever need yet another simple wimip site http://ipv6.polarcomm.net is up and running.  uber-basic but it works.


For a work tunnel you might want to run 6in4 through IPSEC transport mode or something, if the Airport can do that.