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Questions & Answers / Re: Google forcing ReCAPTCHA o...
Last post by anzial - September 05, 2023, 11:22:11 PM
well, it took mere 2 months for this to start all over again. Just recaptcha for now, full ban will follow probably again. Worked fine just 12 hours ago.
General Questions & Suggestions / Zone editor not working?
Last post by kuroneko - August 30, 2023, 08:56:44 PM
Anyone else seeing problems? When I try and edit a zone it just redirects me back to the front page of dns.he.net.
Questions & Answers / Singapore tunnelbroker server ...
Last post by machbot - August 25, 2023, 06:47:47 AM
The ping to HE's Singapore tunnelbroker server has been really inconsistent for the past few days. MTR results showed the lag spike to be at the tunnelbroker server, so far it doesn't seem like it's an issue with my ISP but I'm not ruling it out yet.

Running mtr  -w -c 15 -i 1

Start: 2023-08-25T21:32:34+0800
HOST:                                    Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--     0.0%    15    2.4   2.5   2.4   2.7   0.1
  2.|--  0.0%    15    2.7   4.1   2.3  11.1   3.3
  3.|--  0.0%    15    2.4   3.4   2.1  13.1   2.8
  4.|--  0.0%    15    3.1   3.3   2.5   4.9   0.6
  5.|-- hurricane-electric.sgix.sg       93.3%    15    4.1   4.1   4.1   4.1   0.0
  6.|-- tserv1.sin1.he.net                6.7%    15  172.3 172.7 124.5 220.2  24.0

MTR when ping to the tunnelbroker server isn't spiking
Running mtr  -w -c 20 -i 1

Start: 2023-08-26T01:51:56+0800
HOST:                                    Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--     0.0%    20    2.6   2.6   2.4   2.9   0.1
  2.|--  0.0%    20    2.5   3.5   2.4   9.8   2.1
  3.|--  0.0%    20    3.0   3.3   1.8  17.0   3.2
  4.|--  0.0%    20    3.3   4.3   2.9  18.2   3.7
  5.|-- hurricane-electric.sgix.sg       95.0%    20    5.8   5.8   5.8   5.8   0.0
  6.|-- tserv1.sin1.he.net                0.0%    20    3.0   3.8   2.5   9.0   1.8
IPv6 on Windows / script to update my ipv4 tunne...
Last post by horsezip - August 21, 2023, 04:49:25 PM
can someone give me a .cmd i can click on to update my ipv4 address when it changes
thanks jimmy
IPv6 on Windows / ip6 tunnel moritor
Last post by horsezip - August 21, 2023, 04:42:29 PM
i need a program for windows 7 that show me which of my programs are using the tunnel and whice are using ipv4 also rather streamimg sites are steaming back to me on the tunnel or my ipv4 address
thanks jimmy
Questions & Answers / Re: [Solved] Does any know whi...
Last post by cshilton - August 11, 2023, 08:06:25 AM
A user on reddit gave me the solution. There's a browser extension called IPvFoo that will show you the resources a web pages is using by IP address and thus protocol, IPv4 or IPv6. Using IPvFoo you can quickly figure out what resources should be listed in your firewall blocking list.

Thanks all
Questions & Answers / Re: Unable to use Google Searc...
Last post by snarked - August 09, 2023, 08:38:28 AM
To kurahaupo - Aside - email:  The "From" clause of a "Received:" header may be optional under RFCs 822, 2822, and 5322, but is mandatory under RFC 821 (section 4.1.2; BNF on page 32), 2821 (section 4.4), and 5321 (also section 4.4) for SMTP (when the "with *SMTP*" wildcarded protocol clause is used).  Omission leaves it invalid - see the defined ABNF syntax in 5321.

If Google can't respect that, my point was do you all really expect them to listen to your complaints?  (Microsoft Exchange and Qmail are problems as well).
Questions & Answers / Does any know which DNS domain...
Last post by cshilton - August 09, 2023, 08:31:00 AM
Q: Has anyone enumerated the domains that the "MAX" service is using so I can add them to my filter?

I'm trying to update my DNS filter on my firewall and I've noticed that after they rebranded from "HBO MAX" to "MAX", all the domains changed. When I try to get to MAX on my laptop, I get a GeoIP based block. Like many, I fixed this problem by blocking AAAA DNS from certain domains but the domains used by "MAX" seem to have changed since the rebrand.

Questions & Answers / Re: Unable to use Google Searc...
Last post by kurahaupo - August 08, 2023, 08:45:57 PM
@snarked I feel your pain over malformed Received: headers and the intransigent companies who refuse to fix them, but Google is hardly the worst; omitting a clause at least leaves it syntactically valid, whereas for over 20 years Microsoft products intentionally injected invalid syntax ("with Microsoft SMTP").

However the "from" clause is not actually mandated by RFC 2822 (or its successors), and for some protocols it doesn't even make sense.

If you're trying to track back to the source of a message, any Received header without a "from" clause should simply be ignored; the implication is that the receiving host trusted the sending host, and therefore you can trust the previous Received: header (the one after it in the byte stream).
Questions & Answers / Re: Tunnel Broker with load ba...
Last post by hkgcity - August 05, 2023, 04:53:10 PM
Quote from: Pentium4User on August 05, 2023, 09:24:33 AM
Quote from: hkgcity on August 05, 2023, 04:48:50 AM
Quote from: Pentium4User on August 05, 2023, 04:23:17 AM
Quote from: hkgcity on August 05, 2023, 04:19:26 AMHi, I've successfully setup normal v6 in v4. But when the situation goes to load balancing, I can't find the solution. My current setup is 4 VyOS with 4wan connection, each with 1 dedicated v4 IP. The 4 wans are now load balanced and I want the machines behind the balancer to use a fixed v6.

Wan 1 ------\                      /ipv6 1
Wan 2 -------\_____Load Balance--- / ipv6 2
Wan 3 -------/                    \ ipv6 ...
Wan 4 ------/                      \ipv6 999

I've got totally no idea, can anybody help? Thanks
At least with SIT this doesn't work because the tunnel has one IPv4 endpoint as seen from HE.
Change your internet connection to have 1 IPv4 net that is being routed with all WAN links.
If you do that, make sure you get Ipv6 directly from the ISP, sou you don't need the tunnel anymore.

The biggest problem is I'm currently using 4 different ISP. And there will be tons of machines using v6. If I separate them and use without load balancing, the traffic might got traffic jam
It won't work because your tunnel has exactly 2 endpoints.

Get provider independent (PI) address space and let all 4 ISPs route that network to you.
That is the only way to get a redundant and load-balanced internet connection.

Thanks for all the reply, but I guess I'm not able to get a PI address as I'm currently using home network only and not with that much budget. I guess I'll just go for random deploy ipv6 address among those 4 wan and 4 tunnels and hope the trafficking will be good.

Anyways, thanks for all the help