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 on: May 11, 2022, 05:52:07 PM 
Started by cshilton - Last post by divad27182

You probably want the autodetect form.

Then you just write something like (python):

    import urllib
    f = urllib.request.urlopen(your_url)

and then error-check

 on: May 11, 2022, 11:40:27 AM 
Started by AndVal - Last post by AndVal
Can someone give me some help with this issue, please?

 on: May 10, 2022, 12:49:11 PM 
Started by AndVal - Last post by AndVal
Hello all!

I have a domain name that ends with .gr (Greece).
I need to edit the DNS records, but the domain provider doesn't offer this option.
They told me to use, but I haven't done this before and I don't know much about zone management, etc.

From what I've figured out:

1. I add a new domain under zone functions
2. I update my domain provider's nameservers to up to

Are any additional steps or the new domain settings are OK and I can edit DNS records?


 on: May 10, 2022, 11:14:13 AM 
Started by gentoolinux - Last post by gentoolinux

 on: May 09, 2022, 06:31:16 PM 
Started by gentoolinux - Last post by kcochran
Should be back as of a bit ago.

 on: May 09, 2022, 04:28:13 PM 
Started by gentoolinux - Last post by gentoolinux
tserv14.sea1 seems to be offline as of 2022/05/09 23:15, possibly earlier, but I can't reach my logging to verify the actual start time.

Is there any ETA for service return (yes, I know there's no warranty or contractual promises it'll work, just wanting to decide about waiting for it or renumbering things to elsewhere).

-, Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Team Lead

 on: May 09, 2022, 06:56:11 AM 
Started by farhan00 - Last post by cholzhauer
You'd have to use something like Wireshark to look at packets

 on: May 06, 2022, 01:54:13 PM 
Started by farhan00 - Last post by farhan00
Hi all,

I have having trouble getting the tunnel setup using my new router.

I have Verizon Fios as my ISP. I have been using the same account since 2009. However, since getting a new Verizon router (The G3100), I have not been able to get the tunnel working. I setup my computer as the DMZ and set the firewall to low (I did not see a disable). In the previous WiFi router, there was a process to setup protocol 41 forwarding, but I did not see an option in this one.

Has anyone had experience with this router?

Also, is there any sort of Protocol 41 "ping" tool to check if traffic is passing through in the first place?


 on: May 02, 2022, 11:53:53 AM 
Started by dudleydogg - Last post by dudleydogg
I can set up all the IPs provided but just can't figure out a way to route back to the IPV4 address for the Tunnel. Has anyone tried to use a Meraki MX device for TunnelBroker?

 on: May 02, 2022, 10:38:39 AM 
Started by tpu01yzx - Last post by passport123
How to contact support ? send a mail to some email address for help ?

On the FreeDNS page ( ) there's an email address for DNS support at the bottom of the page.


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