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Questions & Answers / Re: Will HE continue their fre...
Last post by sdgathman - December 16, 2022, 11:31:01 AM
Here is a link for the next time you pester your ISP about IPv6 support: https://www.commerce.gov/about/policies/ipv6-policy
Suggest a Test! / Re: IPv6 Prefix Delegation
Last post by sdgathman - December 16, 2022, 11:28:11 AM
Both tests are important.  The DHCP client side is a lower level test, but is less trivial than you think, e.g. NetworkManager has very inflexible support.  You can certainly verify that an address within a delegated prefix can be pinged by he.net - that is also important.  The lower level test is important ammunition for users pestering their ISP to support IPv6 already as you have requested.

I can't think of a way for you to verify that a client has correctly implemented the server side of PD.  But if I do, I'll post it here.
Suggest a Test! / Re: IPv6 Prefix Delegation
Last post by broquea - December 16, 2022, 12:23:04 AM
What's the better test: us logging that your side correctly configured to be a DHCP client and got a range, or that you have the know-how to SET UP a DHCP server and provide PD? I don't think verifying someone configured their host to use DHCP is a decent test of networking/hosting skills.
Questions & Answers / Re: Packet loss e0-30.core2.lo...
Last post by bmhughes - December 14, 2022, 02:37:59 PM
I've tested with another tunnel to the server at (listed at tserv1 but shows at tserv5?) and the problems go away so it looks like an issue with that tunnel server. Annoying to change though as you can't move prefixes between servers.
General Discussion / Free Dynamic Update Domain
Last post by sholzapfel - December 13, 2022, 02:33:31 PM
I have recently acquired a short domain and my intention with this domain is with whoever is interested, that we build a free dynamic hostname service that allows registration by inserting an NS record of any subdomain that a user wants to register so that can be managed at dns.he.net and/or offer an equivalent A and AAAA record update service as a native service, with a subdomain expiration of 6 months in such a way that no user saturates the service or abuses it.
These services are intended for anyone that like to play around with the reverse DNS record for their assigned IPv6 segment on TunnelBroker and with the help of dns.he.net or for those who have ever had to use the terrible NoIP service that tries to charge you for any other record besides the type A or for anyone that have ever tried using the Freenom service that if the domain achieves a lot of traffic they take it away arbitrarily off the user.
If someone is interested, send me a PM to talk about it!
Suggest a Test! / IPv6 Prefix Delegation
Last post by sdgathman - December 10, 2022, 11:11:03 AM
Prefix Delegation is now considered "best practice" for ISPs actually implementing IPv6.  Currently, he.net allocates a prefix when you press a button on the website, and that prefix is statically configured by the user.  You still want to manually request allocation, since HE permanently allocates them, and you don't want to accidentally grab a bunch. 

But the tunnel interface (with *::1 and *::2) should respond to Prefix delegation requests, and respond with (one of) the routed prefix(es) assigned to that tunnel.  Correctly interacting with PD should then be one of the IPv6 certification tests.
Questions & Answers / Re: Will HE continue their fre...
Last post by sdgathman - December 10, 2022, 08:00:03 AM
I have been using he.net for IPv6 since its inception.  I noticed that Cox in VA was responding to Prefix Delegation requests, and tried using their native IPv6.  It works.  Sort of.  Prefix routing times out after 10 mins (despite a 24hr lease) and I have to keep restarting the PD process every 10 mins in a loop.  This would be workable, except there is an annoying pause in service at each timeout.

All this to say I have been "pestering" our ISP as requested by he.net, but on my last calls about the above issue, I was still informed "We do not support IPv6".  Sigh.

So I hope it is ok to move everything back to he.net IPs for another couple years (decades?).  I told the Cox rep that IPv4 has been officially obsolete for 20+ years.  The US Federal govt has issued an order to phase out all IP4 in Federal offices by 2025.  (again)

Questions & Answers / Re: Routing troubles, only via...
Last post by steve1515 - December 09, 2022, 09:05:25 PM
I'm experiencing the same thing from the tserv4.nyc4 tunnel server.

It seems to be certain Cloudfront prefixes aren't accessible from HE. I'm unsure why currently, but I've been seeing this problem for over a month.

The prefixes I cannot access that I've seen so far are...
2600:9000:20ea::/48 (example IP: 2600:9000:20ea:6a00:c:132:48e:f021)
2600:9000:24eb::/48 (example IP: 2600:9000:24eb:6a00:c:132:48e:f021)
2600:9000:20ee::/48 (example IP: 2600:9000:20ee:4800:3:ce9:7f80:93a1)

I have also tried pinging from a cloud server and they all work. It's just from HE that they do not.

What tunnel server are you on? Can you try pinging those 3 example IPs and providing results?
I suggest you also email support@he.net to let them know this is affecting more than just me.

Can people on other tunnel servers please also try and see what happens? I'm wondering if this is only affecting the same tunnel server I'm on.
Questions & Answers / Re: Packet loss e0-30.core2.lo...
Last post by bmhughes - December 09, 2022, 08:02:16 AM
Mine's been unusable for a couple of weeks now from virgin media. Has been solid for several years before this.
Questions & Answers / Re: Routing issues towards con...
Last post by edobeta - December 04, 2022, 10:21:01 PM
Problem solved.
As expected, it was evidently a network problem on the Contabo side.