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Sage T-Shirt

Started by Mierdin, January 25, 2011, 08:18:30 AM

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I completely forgot about the T-shirt, yet today I find it in the mail. Excellent stuff!


Same here!

Thanks HE.net. Awesome stuff!


Very happy Swede here! Got my tshirt today, excellent stuff!!


My T-shirt arrived UK today, posted Fremont 2 Aug.

Thanks HE


I pinged ipv6@he.net about mine and was told that batches go out "every 3 months or so", and that another batch may be going out next month. Hope that helps anyone who has been wondering "where's my shirt?"


Received mine today. I think XL must be larger in the USA than Europe - It's OK, I like my T shirts a bit baggy. Thanks Hurricane Electric. ;)


big t must have received generally there by now (except if the item was not sent in the initial place). Btw, how much time would it not take for the tee shirt to reach within Indonesia? I'll be living presently there for a short time...although I am in the beginning stages along with Sage


Finally, I got mine.
Posted at Aug 2, and arrived Sep 3. I live in Indonesia.
Thanks Hurricane Electric.


none for me  :(   guess it got lost somewhere.  Oh well at least I am approaching 1500 points  :P


yay just got my Sage Status and awaiting my t-shirt


Not sure what happened with my account. Few days ago I saw that my t-shirt was in processing state and today when I log ina I see no info about t-shirt at all.


My tshirt order status shipped but 4 month i don't receive my t-shirt ??


mine says "address verification incomplete", no matter if i re-save my address details.
what can I do, would love the t-shirt :)


Does someone know if i can track my tshirt's mail package?
Im still waiting :(


Sorry for reviving an old topic but I was wondering if T-shirts were still being sent out since I noticed that the last batch was done on February 2nd and that its almost been 2 months and I was really looking forward to getting one. I hadn't heard anything that they weren't but I just wanted to double check.