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reverse dns help? on afraid.org

Started by htpctk, September 08, 2008, 07:21:06 PM

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hi all thanks for viewing, i setup my tunnel and have my ipv6 tunnel going good

i told tunnelbroker, i am using afraids NS servers

after that i setup the reverse  part on afraid, and chose "haha.im.laggg.in" for the host

and it seems like everything setup, but everytime i reverse dns the ipv6 address im using i get "htpctk-1-pt.tunnel.tserv9.chi1.ipv6.he.net"

how do i get it to be haha.im.laggg.in?!

i didnt do any extra steps in windows, just the ones the tunnelbroker suggested, do i need to do that .arpa stuff ?

where do i do this at? is afraid.org and tunnelbroker all i need to make the rdns work? thanks so much if you can help me


you cannot change the tunnel ::1 ::2 reverses
only the Routed /64 or /48

add one ip of Routed /64 to your lan nic


IPv6 rdns works just fine at afraid.org.  However, you have to give it the correct zone (as noted above).


thanks so much for the replys, but how do i do this in cmd in windows? im a bit lost on your comments, like i'm not sure how to do it, thanks a ton if i can get this working, i will try to teach this to others if i can manage to get it to work :D

thanks again all  :) :)

EDIT: what i meant to ask, is how do i change my comptuers ipv6 address to something else besides ::2??
thank you so much

how would i make it a long ipv6 address like "2001:470:1f07:365:0102:2395:3995:1382"

is this possible? all i see is people with shorter ipv6 addresses from he
thanks again


how do i make my PC's IP not the ::2? i tried many things like changing parts of the config, but i allways seem to get it, even try trying like /64 or my own ::254

anyone ? thank you :D

edit: okay i somehwat figured it out, on the 2nd part of the config
i did ::/64 instead of 0

then for the actual IP i did whatever i wanted. like 4, or 145

now to see if i can do the reverse dns



damn sitll no reverse dns

anything extra i have to do? that isnt in the normal config, arpa stuff? where do i put that stuff? thank you



check if you still use tunnel address

you need use one ip of "Routed /64" to setup reverse dns

# read this

# add one ip of your Routed /64
netsh int ipv6 add add "name of adapter" IPv6address



Quote from: snarked on September 09, 2008, 01:11:49 PM
IPv6 rdns works just fine at afraid.org.  However, you have to give it the correct zone (as noted above).

what would a example be of a router /64?! thank you


Quote from: htpctk on September 15, 2008, 10:44:29 AM
what would a example be of a router /64?! thank you

2001:470:1f0e is the pool your Point-to-point is allocated from.

2001:470:1f0f is the pool your routed /64 is allocated from.

Note the difference between "E" and "F".


thanks for the replies, i think i made a error on afraid. i will give it a day to make the changes and it might work!

thank you for the replies, i was using the part you both mentioned but accidently had a typo, i will see if that was the problem

thanks again all